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With its nature, rich cultural and historical heritage and eno-gastro offer, Istria is an unavoidable destination in Croatia. Find the ideal accommodation for your vacation in Istria. Quick, easy, safe.
In order to offer you the best possible value for money, while selecting the facilities, we pay attention of the level of furnishing and cleanliness, the location of the facility, the garden and the surroundings of the property as well as the hospitality of the host with the goal that you have a holiday in Istria in a relaxing and homely atmosphere.

Poklon bon

Poklon bonovi pravi su izbor prilikom darivanja, te su dostupni u svijetu putovanja koje Vam nudimo. Mogućnost kupovine poklon bona ostavlja potpunu slobodu odabira, a raspoloživi iznos može pokriti cijelo putovanje ili jedan njegov dio. Poklon bon netko može iskoristiti za željeno višednevno putovanje ili jednodnevni izlet, ljetovanje, skijanje, wellness odmor, ulaznice za željeni koncert i slično.

Meet istria

In ancient times, when giants lived with people in Istria, huge lakes and swamps stretched in the north of Istria. There were no streams or springs in the south, so people asked the giant Ban Dragonja to help them soak the land. The dragon harnesses huge oxen to the plow and plows from the lake to the sea. When he brought water to the sea with the first furrow, a river was created, which the giant named after himself, Dragonja.